Our Marsh Grass Community Forum

Welcome to our Marsh Grass Community Forum!

We are thrilled to have this helpful space for our incredible neighborhood. This forum is for our homeowners to share "helpful" and "informative" information (e.g., we are planning a 4th of July neighborhood cookout from 5pm to 8pm, or... the annual HOA neighborhood meeting is 8/26/2023 at 10am - location...) and/or to ask general questions about our community covenants and standards (e.g., I am planning on having a fence installed, where can I find our community standards on this topic, and where do I send the ARC form & fee, etc.).

Please ensure that all comments made in this forum are respectful and considerate in language and tone. Also, note this forum "is not" the place to post grievances/complaints. If you do have a concern regarding our community and/or HOA please reach out directly to the appropriate HOA Board member.

Thank you neighbors for making Marsh Grass a very special place for our families and friends!


Greetings Marsh Grass Neighbors!

Our HOA board is holding our first Annual HOA Members meeting on September 24, 2023 (Sunday) at 2pm at Jim and Paula's home.
We have been working on a number of important items that we will be sharing with you all. We hope each of you can attend. Marc will be sending out an agenda prior to the meeting. After you review the agenda, if you see an additional item you would like to discuss that is not listed on the agenda, please inform the HOA board president (Marc) at least one full week (7 days) before our 9/24 meeting.

We are looking to seeing everyone on 9/24!

Your Marsh Grass HOA board,

Marc, Jef, Paula, and Manuel